Sunday, December 30, 2012

end of the world party + Christmas

We decided ages ago that we would be celebrating the end of the world and it turned out to be a 3-day party! DRINK UP ME HEARTIES YO HO WE SURE DID HAVE FUN...

LOL. Too bad I already had booze. I gotta try this, I wonder if it tastes like hunks...
Talk about romantic environment, perfect. And look at that moon!
Wine and raclettes. Oh the food we had ♥
My lucky number seven
Now just a list of some things happened at the party:
  • Twister x 100000042
  • very funny phone call
  • snowboarding in Himos after five years, oh the falling
  • accidental volt with a snowboard like a boss
  • singing a serenade in a jacuzzi for way too long
  •  absinth
  • rum and suddenly I'm a pirate
  • too good food
  • very nice Russian people helping me when I got lost lol
  • and the drinks were too good
  • hiding in closets
  • made a couch pillow wig and turned into Baabalo! (Pablo)
  • I was Sauron
  • team Wolf Larson ♥

Christmas nerd with her dog

Christmas was mostly rampaging with my dog and a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and eating too much BUT also exercising, something I never do on Christmas, haha. And yet who do we have here? Well if it isn't Mr. Bigbelly, how nice to see you again! Not.

My eight-year-old baby Nemo, look at dat cutie pie.

Funny fact that I left my ID home so I had to come to Helsinki to get it to get to spend the new year in Tampere, oh I was so pissed. But then yesterday I found out my Swiss friend is in Helsinki so this was a good thing after all, I get to meet her after half a year. And also I get to celebrate new year quite early on already, haha. So without further do...


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

waiting for Christmas

Probably my last post before Christmas. Tomorrow I'm going either to downhill skiing or snowboarding, I can't decide. But either way, it's going to be AWESOME. \(°∀°)/
Now, here's a picture spam because I don't feel like talking.. Except in picture texts so I do feel like talking.

Huge Santa in Tampere railway station ♥
Early Christmas present - Moulin Rouge song book! My all time favorite mooovieeee...
Former post-apocalyptic looking room is now a nice workroom with a Christmas feeling! Thanks mom ♥
Wadaboom red lights district bedroom. No seriously, it's so romantic I can't even.
[comics edit wtf] wine & chicken with my best friends in New York, Tampere.
Tampere night with a Pink Bitch! I'm starting to love this drink =)
Mimo says hi! I'll introduce this guy later.
And I felt like talking again. A few times in my previous blog, I've mentioned I like Takarazuka Revue. Okay I love zuka. I had a little break from it, really don't know why but just didn't feel like watching or listening although I'm always fangirling Mizu Natsuki. She's the beeeest ♥
Just now I found this awesome group called Aqua5 and fell in love immediately. Too bad they only have three songs... ;__; But actually to me this sounds, for some reason, like Christmas music!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I haven't updated this blog in ages and I really just decided to create a new blog under my new artist name, Sadekuu. Through I'm still keeping this blog, I don't think I will write here anymore so follow my new blog ^^
Three posts already, check it out!


And I'm also in Tumblr now =) See ya!

All night looong....

Should I take a swig of rum?
Since I'm gonna be partying all night long.
Perkele, inspiration strikes at the worst possible moment again. Time for some serious business. Too much to do and only two days to finish everything, then I'm going to this super hyper awesome end of the world party and then straight to Christmas vacation. WOAH.

Oh, what I really meant to say was that yesterday I signed up to Tumblr! It's more difficult than I assumed but I'm starting to get the hang of it, mwahahaa.

Man, the pirate mood is really strong for me today, I can't stop looking through tags with pirates. And I also found this cool site with pirate phrases and explanations. There are some I'd never even heard of, very nice... check those phrases here, scallywags, har har. Shiver me timbers, I really can't stop (ーー;)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Who is Sadekuu?

If you have been reading my previous blog, you might think you already kinda know me. Well think again, mister! (or lady, haha.) For people change and so have I changed tremendously. Some things are too private to be told here but I have been changing my looks and style. Though actually this is nothing unusual for me. You know when you look through your old class room pictures and see some guy or girl and in the next picture that person looks totally different, almost unrecognizable? I'm one of those people, always changing. It is my style, to change. Sometimes I envy the ones who look almost the same in every picture, though I really don't know why. It must be because of my secret desire to be normal. But I know now that change is normal as well. But above all, I think I'm more honest towards everything now. There is a new era in my life.
So now, welcome new and old readers and here's, with some pictures of me,

Tracon 7, a pirate with a lightsaber! Damn I want one.

Who is Sadekuu?
- Sadekuu is an artist name I created and use. Sadekuu is Finnish and means rain moon. It is also the name of this blog. Also, I just decided my pirate name is Sadekuu! I love pirates ♥

Yarr, say that again lady! Oh wait, did I just flirt with myself? Oh well.. XD I made this hat of old skirt by the way!

And why rain moon you might ask?
- I have a deep connection to those two things. I love rain, I don't understand why people act like they're suddenly sugar when rain starts to fall. When you don't have to hurry, walking in the rain is perfection. And something I have done countless times is ♫ singing in the rain ♪
Rain is so purifying and everything I am: happy, romantic and the same time very sad and melancholic, sometimes fierce. Rain is water, I love water, it's has always been my favorite element. Now I have to mention my zodiac sign is Cancer... Yes, I am superstitious which brings me to my next point, the moon. The Moon is the controlling planet for Cancer but not only due to that I have a strong connection with the moon. The moon's mystery fascinates me, maybe because it reminds me of my pretty mystical mind, I have no idea what is going on inside this head of mine...

The China inspired dress is my own design, from our school's fashion show, October 6th.

Who the person behind Sadekuu?
- My real name is Tytti Rautiainen and I'm a 21-year-old girl from Central Finland, currently living in Espoo. I am mainly a musical artist but I also draw, design and sew. Knitting is my revived passion. Sometimes I like to write poems and some stories. I love to dance and I have been to many different dance courses. Acting has been my interest and hobby even before I went and graduated from arts-oriented senior secondary school, though nowadays I don't act anymore. I loved that senior secondary school, went to many movie classes. Damn I still want to shoot a horror movie so bad, haha. Then I went to study to become an artisan in clothing and I've got to design some clothes. Basically I guess you could say I am a super creative person. Learning new things is so much fun I tend to hoard too much at a time. This usually leads to problems but I never give up. Even now I'm on sick leave because of too many problems, mainly inside my mind, oh this creative melancholy ain't so cool as you think it might be... But still I will survive! I am an optimist in the midst of pessimism.
My style is very varied, you'll see what I mean when I you read my posts but let's just say I love the strangest things. Space, aliens, vampires, horror in general, everything mystical and creepy. Snails, jellyfish and weird fish are so cute!

Everything designed and executed by me, singing my song in Sakustars 2012 Talent. Got the honorary award =)

What is music to me?
- Question I could talk forever. Being a musician has been my dream profession since I was, I guess, the size of a fire extinguisher. I have been singing ever since I was little. I love karaoke, haha, there's too few places to sing karaoke in Finland, it's a shame.
Later on I started playing guitar, then harmonica and saxophone though unfortunately my skills are pretty rusty with those two now. I used to play harmonica pretty well, back in the year 2008 I actually won women's and junior's Finnish championship in harmonica. Me and my harmonica teacher Erkki "Eki" Illikainen, rest in peace, had some nice gigs and that was the time when this band called Jeepit was formed, Eki played harmonica in the band. My last memory with my teacher Eki was my first and last gig with Jeepit. If you want to read more about my great teacher Eki, here's his memorial page, it's in Finnish only though. I played harmonica with Eki only a couple years but I will never forget those times, it was truly a good time.
My newest instrument is keyboards, I played some piano as a kid but now I have really started to practise again. For few years now, I have been writing my own song lyrics and I have actually created some songs and got to perform them as well. One song I created has a harmonica solo, I'm planning on using the harmonica more in my songs and create my own original music. I have one song in my Youtube account called Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy, check it out! (Prunella rubida is my old artist name in case you're wondering). Still starting this business but I'm more determined than ever, nobody can stop me!
Then of course there is the thing about what kind of music I like. To put it shortly, I love everything, hahaha. Pop and rock are my alltime passions but I used to dig heavy metal as well. Yeah baby, I did! I looked like a headbanger and went to many gigs \,,/ Heavy is always a bit nostalgic for me, I still like it. I've learned to like rap as well because I listen a whole lotta K-pop. I love Asian pop. I always have to brag on the fact that I knew who PSY was even before the hit "Gangnam Style". Sorry about that, hahah.
Music has always been there for me, through the happiest and darkest times. To me, music is everything.

Creepy dollie playing keyboards on Halloween!

And lastly, what is this blog about?
- This blog is about me and my life. It shows my style of course but this is not mainly a fashion blog. I want this blog to be fun for me. I don't care how many people read my blabbering and look my pictures and videos, I just want to have fun and someday look back to this and remember all the interesting time I had. My last blog was like a public diary and hobby, this one is as well but a bit more serious. This is my website and I will link my musical performances here and some other videos and everything else, who knows what. This is artist Sadekuu's official page. I will write this in English, maybe sometimes in Finnish. But you may never know, I might even write a bit in Swedish, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German or Russian, I've studied all those languages! I'm a crazy person, I know.

Until next time, sweet dreams. Last night I had a dream about evil dominatrix pulling my hair ftw, I hope you dream of gummy bears or something much more pleasant, hehehee~

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the beginning of Sadekuu

This blog will start with an epic date, 12.12.12. I'm a sucker for these kind of dates, 11.11.11 was a great day for me. Now this day wasn't so epic as I had hoped for, though I really did have fun. However, as this day is coming to an end, I realize this day has actually been very epic because of something I realized around 2 am.

As the day turned from Tuesday to Wednesday, as the clock screamed to me "it's midnight baby!", my brains started to function. I have always been this kind of artist who gets the inspiration during the night or really just during the worst times for inspiration.
During those wee hours, I felt very nauseous after eating too many chips, yet I still wanted to get some sleep so I furiously tried to fall asleep. But my brains were working on something furiously as well. The pieces were coming together, something was compliting in this mystical mind of mine.
And then I realized - I had finally created the perfect artist name for me.

Some weeks ago I saw a beatiful full moon. I tried to capture it on camera but could not. It was too beautiful. But here is my attempt as a moon lover.

Few minutes left of this day. Enjoy it like every moment.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sadekuu - Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

Greetings after a long time!

It seems I took quite a long break away from blogging but now I'm back again, better than ever... My summer was amazing, especially the whole August. I'll do some posts about my summer and yes, that end of May part 2 is coming up too... ^^'
Really, wow, so many things have happened so I really haven't had the time or the energy to blog. And so many things happening, like that we have a fashion show coming up at my school 6th of October! Also, I try to post once a week but don't make promises about blogging anymore since it's too difficult to keep those promises.

Yeah, I don't have the time to blog because I'm too busy popping gum, haha!

However, now I want to share something with you I've been meaning to share for the longest time - my song! Today I finally put that live performance from May in Youtube... And after a long time and many thoughts, I came to a conclusion - my artist name is Prunella rubida. I'm thinking of changing my blog title to Prunella rubida as well but I'm still thinking about it.

Here is the song, hope you enjoy!

EDIT: So funny but actually I changed my artist name to Sadekuu, stylished as SADEKUU. That's why I changed the title as well from Prunella rubida.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

end of May part 1

Meeemories... In the beginning of June happened so many wonderful things so it's kind of difficult to summarize all the happenings in just two posts but I have too many other things to post so let's give it a try, shall we!

First off, last days in school or should I say in Espoo!

Random blue kirakira make up, going to school, end of May
Aaand the outfit for school. Gotta love blue + that Little My shirt from mom :D

Then there was of course Eurovision Song Contest 2012, I always have to watch it if not for anything else then just for the sake of some good laughs XD So that day I met with Linni:

After some random shopping we went to the park of Kaisaniemi in Helsinki.
Me likey sushi! I made sushi for us, it was super nice to eat it in the park, so sunny!
Linni had baked some buns, omnom! ♪ PEACH ♫
Then after the park I headed home to drop my shoppings from Valtteri flea market and then headed to Linni's place.
Above my new ring, I think it was 2€ from Valtteri flea market! And showing off my other rings ehehe. Boring train trip is boring.
This was so funny at the time but now I'm just sad because R.I.P Eduardo Khil ♥
And at Linni's place, watching, after a long time, TAKARAZUKA ♥
I think I took some crappy cellphone pics of that Eurovision song contest but I don't have my USB cord with me so I can't post them. Oh well... Takarazuka was so glorious, we watched Kamen no Otoko & Royal Straight Flush!! I so fell in love with Otozuki Kei even more ;___; ♥

And Eurovision... So much laughs to Estonia's song KUUUUULAAAAAA and oh Turkey XDDD And those Russian grandmas were the best, they should have won but instead that copycat from Sweden won. Okay okay, I actually like the song but I still think it's a total copy from another song. And I ain't the only one who thinks this!

What else happened during those last days of May? I had my second performance of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. I sang my song at my school at this spring party of Team Omnia. But there are so many pictures of that and a video + some other things so I'll leave that to part 2.

Then just to remind myself after part 2 I'll start posting of the beginning of June, those graduation parties and other million happenings...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ninja bunny & Demon lock bunny

This buddy is now in my deviations in deviantART, CLICK HERE. I just posted this in deviantART and already three people added it to their favorites and one commented, wooooh. This was a Christmas present for my dear friend Raine, it is actually him because he is just like a rabbit but also a ninja!

I needle felted this cutie and also made him a looong red bandana and embroidered 42 with numbers and kanji and glued some green sequins to the ends of the bandana.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that but maybe when my friend comes back from Japan I can do a little photoshoot...? ^^

That's my friend Raine and me at his farewell party in March, time flies so fast! So many, many things have happened, like the fact that I have already performed three times in that outfit... woah. Maybe soon I get to sing my song for the fourth time?
Oh this reminds me, I have a video of my performance at my school party or whatever it's called. :D I should put in Youtube after editing it just a bit. Everytime I sing high it sounds horrible because of the video. But I hope I can get the audio track edited so it's somewhat okay to hear :D So look forward to that, coming up quite soon!

And since there was one bunny in this post, why not introduce another hopping friend!

I realized later that in a way she is like me. Loony monster. Hahaa, so I guess we're both bunnies with Raine XD You can find her in deviantART as well.
This buddy is actually attached to a lock in my school locker. She is a protector of my locker! She was needle felted too but quite quickly, this was my first school assignment last August I think.
Sorry 'bout the horrible quality, taken with cellphone. But man, gotta love that wide monster smile and those red eyes...

okay in next post me at my friends' graduation parties~

Saturday, June 9, 2012

始めまして, deviantART

I guess since I started a new account in Youtube I was enthousiastic enough to finally sign in to devianART as well! The link to Youtube and deviantART are in my blog gadget "FIND ME".
My username is the same as in Youtube

And become my watcher if you have an account there!

I just added my first Deviation there, it's my rococo shirt I finished making last week. It took forever but I just love love love it ♥ Here's a picture of me wearing it:

I used quite a glow effect in that picture, more sharper picture including the shirt from side and back is in deviantART. This picture was taken last week's Thursday. And as I said in deviantART, those blue star pants are also designed and made by me, I'll present them here when I get some proper pictures taken.

And now that I have a place to display my art, I'm deleting that blog page "Made in Wonderland" since it's way easier to post my art in just one place.
But of course I continue blogging about my art works! I continue making that tag "handmade stuff" even bigger until it... explodes!


Yeah... Instead of continuing that ancient Bunnycat stuff it's time to tell about last week's events, I'll continue Bunnycat "saga" later on, haha! So next post will properly present this lovely Rococo style shirt of mine and some pictures of my friends' graduation parties...
By the way since I'm so osessed with Rococo and Baroque and historical theme in general, inspiration post coming up also!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Kissapupu (video)

I just finished creating a new Youtube account (the old one was horrible). 
My username in Youtube is

Why prunellarubida?
Prunella rubida is latin and means Japanese Accentor. It is a species of bird in the Prunellidae family. It is found in Japan and Russia.
My name is Tytti Rautiainen and my last name means Accentor in Finnish. I adore Japan and wish to live there someday. That is why I call myself Prunella rubida.

I also uploaded my first video on Youtube, it's titled "Kissapupu" and it's basically just me in my bunnycat outfit and makeup ages ago doing some random sillyness. In my opinion, this is only mildly crazy, not even close of what I can be. I have to point out that the shirt is making me fattychan because it makes those stupid rolls or whatever those are *end of blabla*. I love the music, I noticed it kind of fits the video in some parts, so weird! XD Here it is....

Not loony enough, right? (°∀°)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bunnycat makeup

This was ages ago, I think ages ago there was a dwarf starting to grow his beard and now it reaches the ground... I am so increbidly late with this but who cares, I've had too much to do during these months.
The Mad Hatter's tea party aka my friend Marika's birthday party was in April and we sure had a blast...
You could basically dress up as anything between heaven and the Earth!
I had to ask permission for some pictures so in the mean time I wanted to post about my makeup that day.
My outfit was nothing but pink + cat ears so I called myself bunnycat. Maybe I was a combination of that Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit, ehehee... -__-'

Pout face or maybe I'm cracking to laughter here
My makeup is quite easy to do even though it may look like hocuspocus abracadarn-difficult. But I decided to write down how I did it anyways... Here is a picture of some steps (click to enlarge) but I explain everything below. Although I've completed a course in makeup, I'm not a professional so don't be rude, if you have something to say, say it, I learn all the time... (^_-)-☆

1. Circle lenses! My optician always taught me to put lenses on before anything else and off before cleaning face.
2. Clean and moistured face
3. Foundation: I use matt foundation Lumene Natural Code Skin Perfector, shade 11 Cream. After patting the foundation not too heavily I usually let it settle for few minutes.
4. Powder that face baby!
5. Highlighting and shading: I used bronzer below my cheeks (do the goldfish haha), the sides of my nose and jaw, and just a bit of brushing everywhere. I only highlighted my nose (with some white powder, blending well) but you could highlight also the temples, just above the lips and the chin. I did not contour people! This is not contouring just so you know so don't start bitching 8)
6. Eyeshadows! First I put some white eyeshadow from the inner corners to the centre, right below the eyebrow, then fading. After that it's hello blue, fading, purple and fading! I put blue and purple eyeshadows kind of like half and half, well, you see it in the picture.
7. Eyebrows and eyeliner accordingly. Eyebrows can be quite thick and they go "up" to get that weird innocent look or whatever :D I lined my eyes with liquid eyeliner, cat eye look by continuing the line after outer corner and lining half of the lower lashline.
8. Mascara and bending lashes before adding fake eyelashes. Gift from a friend, black lashes with purple, so cool, I want more these kind of lashes!
9. I didn't have lipgloss or anything but could be added. And you're done!

Because I missed my train right before leaving to the party, I took some meaningless web cam photos. Enjoy or not, here they are... (°∀°) <-- that is like Goofy XD oh and in the last post there was a gif, those pictures are from this same.. time. Weirdly said hmm

Serious bunnycat is serious
Bored bunnycat is BORING
Showoff bunnycat (I made the skirt myself! And cat ears too, I think I've mentioned them before)
I have a point... No, I did not.
I AIN'T CHESHIRE CAT aaa tell me the onomatopoetic word for the sound of showing your tongue haha does it even have a sound XDD I bet Japanese have come up with it!
"I'm gonna punch you with my bunny ring"
Aaaand serious bunnycat. Again. Oh no wait it looks like I have that sword going through my head! XD
If my darling computer is co-operating me this evening, I think I can put one VIDEO here tomorrow... But first editing and I think I'm gonna create a new Youtube account, the old one is so... old XD
Speaking of Youtube, I had to search "bunnycat" and I found There She Is!!
Here's the first step of that flash cartoon series... hihii I'm watching step 2 right now, this is addicting!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lens review: Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey

I wrote ages ago that I bought three pairs of circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. Now as I finally have proper time for the reviews, here's the first one!

Geo Princess Mimi Sesame Grey (Bambi series)

Diameter: 15.0mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 year disposal
Price: $23.90

Yes yes, these are one of the most popular lenses in Pinky Paradise but maybe that's why I just had to buy them and see why they make such a fuss. I've never had grey lenses so I wanted to try and also these lenses have the diameter of 1.5 centimetres, woah. The biggest diameter in lenses I've ever had... I was kinda scared too since the last thing I want to do is to damage my eyes. My eyesight is horrible anyways so no more eye drama please... (ーー゛)
So now some pictures, these are taken few days after SAKUstars event, my hair color now is blue :D

No lenses, no make up. Please excuse my skin, too much stress blablabla.
One lens, no make up. Nice effect huh?
Both lenses, no make up. Gotta love that alien effect.
Artsy fartsy picture but here you can perhaps see how it blends in with my greenish something iris :D
With flash. Who's a scared deer?
Accidental angst. In the dark you can't see the grey so much but my eyes still look huge. Me likeeey ( ̄ー ̄)
Now as for the lens review:
The enlargement effect is amazing, that's the best part in these lenses. The color is quite grey but a bit darker than what I wanted, I think it's due to that quite thick black outer ring. Nonetheless, I still like the color but I'm probably also getting lighter grey lenses. If anyone knows good ones, do tell me! *__* Now as for the comfort... For some reason, the right lens feels a bit dry at first, I have no idea why it's only the right lens but it gets comfortable after some blinking. If I put eyedrops, I can barely feel them at all and after a while, not at all. That's like it should feel and that's how it usually is with my lenses.
Above all, these lenses are not my favorites but I do really like them!
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★

Quite a while ago I posted this picture here as a preview of that Mad Hatter's tea party aka my friend Marika's birthday party... I'm wearing the grey lenses here as they were most suitable for my "costume" XD

And tomorrow I'll be finally posting some pictures of that event! Till then you must settle for that picture above and this gif I made XDD I also have a video but it's being edited...

Epic blinking is epic.