Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inspiration No.1

Antique, vintage, aristocrats, pirates, bohemian style, palm trees, the sea, sun, victorian style, brown, gold, steampunk, Venice and everything related is what I've been obsessed with nowadays. In short, I'm fascinated with everything old fashioned, I no longer have vibes for futuristic style, neon colors and such, or at least not that much anymore.  History is more intriguing...
I can't wait for spring to come so I can set myself free from these Michelin guy-eskimo clothes!

I have so many pictures and maybe videos to put here so I'm putting 10 pictures for this inspiration post. This is mostly pirate rampaging, beach & ocean thingies and some boho stuff. Picture above is from my Tumblr, others from my computer.

+ One surprise because this cracks me every time

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Los Cojones

Some time ago I checked a new bar in Helsinki, it's called Los Cojones.
Those who know what it means, hardy har har. Those who don't know... Well, okay it means testicles.

I look so happy I can't even.
I fell in love with this drink called Spanish Rose. Sweet & sour, m-mm.
The style of the bar is amazing, I'm feeling like a pirate in there, hahah! But seriously, there are these barrels as tables and then all sorts of old looking decorations... I can't describe it, I have to take some pictures next time I go there. First time camera ran out of battery, the second time I was too busy talking about my secret project, heheh!

And then I heard my all time favorite bar LLamas is going to open again in February. Wasted life, here we come! Me and Kulkuritar are going to put Helsinki upside down...
And I can't wait to sit on Kyösti again

EDIT: I find this perfect for this post since I had rum & coke last time in Los Cojones :D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

long live Hanoi Rocks

okay this is gonna be a shitty drunk text that I'm gonna regret tomorrow. But I don't care, we only life once so let's just enjoy this. Just got back from the city, it's what 3am and and I'm feeling way too energetic oh gosh haven't felt like this since... few weeks. Ahhahahahahaaa. Okay seriously, this night I was having a good time with my friend, boozing, and just basically reminiscing everything.
And now I'm just saying there's gonna be a new era, it has already started last year and it's going be awesome!!! \,,/


Now here's some Hanoi Rocks for ya if I can just find some videos haha

You know, I used to be a big ass rocker and I was at almost all of Hanoi Rocks gigs in Finland, oh the goooood times...

I love the old AND the new Hanoi Rocks though unfortunately they disbanded but I still love them always.
I couldn't find all my favorite songs from them but here's some, enjooooooy! ♫

Next time maybe some pictures, maybe. Oh and I am going to London in February, yeah baby!

Monday, January 7, 2013

a poem

I wanted to update something but I don't want to talk for I am too sorrowful. So I'm creating this poem right now. I call it... Waiting beat.

I hope you listen to this song while reading it. This song is perfection. There is also English version of Love will be born again, I like both. I love Versailles...

A girl waits in her box
Waiting to be collected

Mornings go by
One by one
Colors fading into that dirty snow
All I see is dirt
Can't find my heart

Somewhere it's getting darker
Somewhere there's a lone walker
Fear is cruel thing

Grudges and remedy
If only those two could kiss
If only those two could marry
Their children
Peace and freedom

Teeth biting
Do not speak
We cannot hear
I smell your pride
You see my ugliness
They loathe you

Waiting unpatiently
Fearing relentlessly

I want to throw the world with a big rock
I want to sail away to ends of the Earth
I want to rotten away like a rotten rat

Moment of weakness
Love is a funny thing
Can't find my heart again
Did I lose it?

Crumbles on the floor
A lion is coming to save the pieces
Don't close the door
Don't close it

Too late, is it now?
Shattered mind in a tottering box
One missing from a jigsaw puzzle
Too scared to cry
All I keep asking is why

Smiling face is the Sun
Give me water
Not all evil is bad
 Happiness kills one with a gun

The beating of that red sunset
Is bound to come closer