Monday, May 6, 2013

Mademoiselle Porteur puts a spell on you

Long time no voodoo! Last Saturday I attented the annual TYKlarp in Tampere as I have attented the last five live action role plays in my sweet old gymnasium. Always a pleasure. This year TYKlarp was called Scelestus and the theme was super criminals and an association called Kansainvälinen Ansioituneiden Rikollisten Yhdistys, aka KARY ry (translates as International Association of Commendable Criminals).

Voodoo doll inspiration from Google

My character was a voodoo priestess called Mademoiselle Porteur aka Jacqueline Calvados who could call up spirits to this world, curse people and brew potions. Porteur also had a twin sister Jeannette aka Souer Étrange who could exile spirits and had business with magical objects where as Porteur blackmailed politicians. Oh boy, was I evil! Something that doesn't naturally go with me. I pretend to be a badass but I'm really just a happy jolly softy.

Had some pictures taken by Rico aka Nelli!

Love my corset from London! And I had so many accessories, a wooden (magic) flute I bought from London, a musket, all kinds of talismans and I even felted a voodoo doll just before the game. Talk about authenticity. Though the doll turned out a bit too cute and some people were cuddling with it before the game, hahaha.

My London posts are so damn time consuming to make and I have been so active and social for so many weeks I just don't have the time for posting, apologies. But here's a nice face from my friend Kulkuritar's birthday, describes the night since we did a bar round in Kallio, oh I'm so poor right now...

In a way fits the voodoo theme as well :D

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